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Travel Writing
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Pharmaceutical/Medical Research and Writing
Small Business
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Clear, Concise and Creative. The Way Writing Should Be.


Debbie Glade, Freelance Writing


Ever since Debbie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Florida State University in 1983 she has been researching and writing for many different organizations. Long before the internet, Debbie spent many hours at libraries conducting research for cruise lines in order to write hundreds of travel brochures and shore excursions that included information about the history, cultures, religions and sights of many destinations around the world.

In 2008 she started her own publishing company, Smart Poodle Publishing, which has published and recorded on CD, the children’s picture book, The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica. It won a National Book Award from USA Book News in the category of Children’s Picture Book Fiction with Audio. Today she participates in author visits at schools, libraries and charitable organizations around South Florida. She blogs daily and created a weekly comic strip called Smart Poodle. She also writes books reviews for LA Parent Magazine and is the Geography Awareness Editor at Wandering Educators, writing travel articles and reviewing travel-related books and guides. Currently she is writing for a pharmaceutical company as well.

Her experience is unique because she has had a great deal of knowledge from a marketing angle, having worked on both the corporate side and as a freelancer.

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Why Hire Debbie?

She has NEVER missed a deadline!
She works quickly and competently.
She is an ultra creative problem-solver.
She is outgoing and fun to work with.
She has many years of writing experience.

Here’s what the professionals have to say about working with her:

“Debbie Glade is one of the easiest freelancers I've worked with. She is prompt, proficient and conscientious.  Her research is thorough, her writing, colorful and clever. She is always my first choice when I look for reviewers here at L.A. Parent.”

Ronna Mandel, Associate Editor, LA Parent Magazine

“Debbie Glade has been the most reliable, talented writer we have had the
privilege of working with over the years.  Every project has been delivered
on time and her work continues to be flawless.  Her style truly adapts to
the project, making it both easy and enjoyable to accomplish.  I would
highly recommend Debbie for any project.”

Patty Weir, former cruise line marketing employee (Renaissance Cruises, Seaquest Cruises, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises)

“I am so pleased to recommend Debbie Glade's writing. She's been an editor
for our travel site for over a year, and has consistently produced
excellent content for our site. Her articles are well-written, timely, and
extremely readable. She's got a well-tuned sense of humor when appropriate,
accompanies her articles with great photos, and can delve deeply into a
subject while keeping the reader's attention. She is one of the top three
writers on our site, and her articles always draw a great deal of traffic.
Her monthly columns explore different aspects of travel around the world,
and her book reviews are comprehensive while enticing the reader to both
read the book and travel.”

Jessie Voigts, PhD, Publisher, Wandering Educators

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Flexible compensation arrangements available, depending on the client’s needs and the scope of the project.


Send Debbie an email at smartpoodle @ or call her at 954-328-7465.