What an incredible day we had at St. Mark Catholic School!

Normally I am so exhausted after performing at schools, that I cannot even write. But today is different. I still have a ton of energy from the inspiring students and teachers at this wonderful school! I spoke to 4 groups of children over the course of several hours, and each session was unique. That’s why I love being a children’s book author – no 2 author visits are ever the same.

The children from age 4-13 were very curious, and asked me some great questions. One 3rd grade boy had a fabulous question about how a book cover is made – binding and all! (I am impressed, because the cost of manufacturing a hardbound book was a big challenge for me as publisher when I got started). Also this school ranked among the highest I’ve visited for geography knowledge. Yahoo! The first middle school student I asked knew where New York City was located! That may seem like no big deal to you, however less than half of all high school students in the US can point to NYC on a map!

There is a special energy you get from kindergartners! They have so many stories to tell you and their imaginations are so refreshing. And they are as cute as can be! No wonder why I can relate to children (better than adults usually!)

Even the middle school boys enjoyed Lilly’s cartoon voice. After the presentation, several of them asked me for another sampling of Lilly, and even tried to do it themselves. What a hoot!

I must thank school librarian Sandy Garcia for her genuine kindness. Her dedication to the school  and the students is to be commended. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. She presented me with a vase of flowers to say thank you! No one has ever done that before!


I will always remember the visit at St. Mark Catholic School

and would be honored to return one day!

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