Liberty Park Elementary is a Haven for Readers


This gorgeous library is amazing!


Friendly Librarians Cindy Martinez and Renee Houck


Rachel plays piano for the 5th grade students, parents and teachers


A little fairy dances with Lilly Badilly


The best elementary music teacher ever! Mrs. Judy Christodoulides


Literacy Dog Mack gets a lot of attention!

Last night, I was the visiting author for the Liberty Park Elementary Literacy Night. We had a great time! It was a particularly special event because my daughter, Rachel was able to attend. She is normally at school when I do author visits, so this was a real treat for me and for the students! Rachel played piano for them, and the students got to hear about her involvement with the Lilly Badilly book and all about her love of reading.

We presented our program to 5th graders in the music room, which is an extremely impressive place. The large room is well equipped with a beautiful, well-tuned piano and risers for the choir. Music teacher, Mrs. Christodoulides, is the friendliest, most creative and inspiring music teacher! The students at Liberty Park are so lucky to have the performing arts opportunities they have here.

The students here seemed to know their US geography, which really impressed me. Actually, everything about the school impressed me.

Librarian Renee Houck, has a big beautiful, well-stocked library – one of the largest we have seen at any South Florida school. Kids and their parents were lined up to buy books and celebrate reading. Everything about this school makes children want to learn and read more.

One of the highlights of the event was Mack, the Literacy Dog. Children can read to Mack to help them improve their reading skills. He is specially trained for this program and is one of the most adorable, gentle, loving dogs on earth!

We’d like to thank Mrs. Houck and Mrs. Christodoulides for giving us this opportunity and for their genuine kindness and friendliness. Lilly Badilly loves friendly creatures of all kinds! Thank you Liberty Park Elementary!

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