It is the middle of May, and I felt compelled to write about our mystery pumpkin, we have named, “Cucurbita,” meaning “pumpkin” in Latin. For those of you who do not live in South Florida, let me explain that it is hot and humid here most of the time. Pumpkins do not grow in the tropics, since they need cool temps to thrive. Generally when we buy a pumpkin in mid October, it is rotten before Halloween – even though we leave it indoors in the air conditioning and do not carve it. In prior years when we carved it, it molded over within 24 hours, and I do not even wish tell you about the critters that visit if we leave it outside overnight. For some reason this year, our pumpkin is still alive and well in our dining room, more than 7 months after we brought him home! And how it has stayed fresh this long remains a great mystery. If any of you can explain this, please let us know. And yes, we are 100% certain it is real and not plastic. We’ll update you later on the status of Cucurbita.

Our Great Mystery Pumpkin!

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